Krav Maga

Krav Maga means ‘contact combat’ in Hebrew. It is not a martial art. It is a highly effective self-defense system created to effectively neutralize a threat. It was designed for today's world, to be learned quickly. Its movements employ strikes, holds, blocks, locks and grabs to allow you to defend yourself from the most common armed and unarmed attacks. Krav Maga is the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and is used by many law enforcement agencies, military units and civilians globally. The methods and tactics of Krav Maga continue to evolve to suit changing environments and the people who utilize it. Ronin Krav Maga is one of the leading authorities of defensive tactics and conflict management training in the world. 

You will learn how the proper attitude, awareness and action can make you a more effective protector. In addition to its real-world self defense applications, the skills you hone in our classes can enhance every area of your life.



(L to R) - Jeff Hunt - Rob Barrett - Tim Walker - Craig Gray - Chris Cohee - Larry McDonald

(L to R) - Jeff Hunt - Rob Barrett - Tim Walker - Craig Gray - Chris Cohee - Larry McDonald


Craig Gray

Head of the academy, he is a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor with 35+ yrs experience. Craig's work in defensive tactics and conflict management is highly sought after by law enforcement, military and civilian organizations. His field experience spans protective services, combat sports, corporate America & being a knucklehead growing up.



Chris Cohee

A Krav powerhouse! Chris received his Krav Black Belt in March 2016 and has been training at our academy since 2009. He brings a tremendous amount of experience with him from decades of martial arts training. He is an expert at empty hand, stick and knife fighting.

Rob Barrett

Rob has been training at the academy since 2011 and is currently a Blue Belt. He has a master's degree in biology and teaches HS life science classes at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.

Larry McDonald

Larry has been training with us since 2013 and was awarded his Black Belt in August 2019. He is a U.S. Army Veteran having served for 8 years as a Drill Sgt. and Tank Commander. He is also a Tactical Firearms Instructor.

Tim Walker

Tim began training in Krav in 2014 and is currently a Brown Belt.  In addition to Krav, Tim is has several years of experience in another martial arts, he is a certified CPL firearms instructor and has been in law enforcement for over 16 years.

Jeff Hunt

Jeff began his training at the Academy in 2015 and currently holds the rank of Blue Belt.  Jeff is a business professional that has over a decade of previous fitness training as well as being a personal trainer.  He is driven in his training of the Martial Arts and the Protector Ethic & Lifestyle.

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Training Methodology

You benefit from our years of experience training people from police to professors, soccer moms to special ops. At the academy you go through a truly unique and comprehensive training program, combining battle-tested techniques with the most relevant street-based tactics. With us, you focus on building more than just the ability to defend yourself. The goal is to learn how to manage conflict more effectively and understand how to protect the right things to live a good & powerful life. You emerge on the other side as a versatile and effective guardian, ready to tackle the challenges of the world.


Protect the Sanctity of Life. Develop the clarity, skills and courage to respect people's Life Value while appropriately dealing with their negative behavior. Choosing actions that reflect most good, least harm for everyone.


Not only will you learn how to maintain proper attitude and awareness under stress, you will also be taught proper striking, grappling and weapon skills. You will learn how to deal with armed and unarmed threats, single and multiple aggressors and how to protect others. You will understand the use of strategy, tactics and technique of a protector.

Health & FITNESS

Krav Maga was developed for IDF soldiers, who train hard and reach high levels of fitness. You may not be a soldier, but we help you to get as fit as you can for you. Life is a marathon not a sprint, so we teach you how to train smart, not just hard. We use cutting-edge training methods, including some of the same drills and exercises the U.S. military and Israeli Army uses today for their soldiers. After training at our academy, you will have what it takes to become as strong and fit as a protector should be.


To be truly effective in Krav Maga, you need tenacity, courage and skill. The only way to prepare to physically protect yourself is to train and gain practical fighting experience. Ronin Krav Maga programs help you forge your character and body through hard work and experience. At our academy you gradually and systematically go through progressive resistance training exercises and sparring, in a safe and responsible manner that makes even the toughest drill approachable. Training at the academy helps you keep a level head, functioning practically under stress, and responding effectively when caught off-guard. These qualities are crucial to surviving attacks, whether you’re a soldier, a police officer, or civilian.